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Thank You

Thank You

Yesterday, (Saturday) I received a generous gift.

Blake took me aside yesterday and explained to me that a group of people who care very much for the store organized secretly to give a gift for the betterment of the store. This certainly blew me away, and brought me to tears. He wouldn’t divulge exactly who contributed or who was involved in organizing this gift, and that some people wanted to remain anonymous. So, not knowing everyone involved, I certainly would like to thank you all!

The Comic Book Store means a lot to a good number of people. We love to hang out here, play games here, talk comics, or just complain about the latest movie. This store has certainly become a part of our lives, and a big part for some of us. I know this may not be the snazziest looking store, the counters up front are second hand and the carpet has taken some wear over the years. We have plans over the next two months to update the store’s interior, and this gift will certainly be a big help with that. Thank you! But I do hope you know that carpeting isn’t really what makes a store so great, its the people. All of you really make this store the amazing place it is.

I may not be able to thank you all personally. I will certainly respect the anonymous nature of this gift, but I do hope you see this message and know that this unexpected gift is greatly appreciated!


Alex Mattson

The Comic Book Store

A Word About The Modern Masters Release

As most of you know, last night was The Comic Book Store’s release of the Modern Masters set. Many people were able to get the booster boxes that they wanted. Others were not able to get as much as they wanted, and unfortunately, some people were not able to get any booster boxes at all. We genuinely regret the fact that we were unable to get enough boxes to meet all of the demand, but sadly, as long as Wizards of the Coast continues to release extremely limited products such as Modern Masters, there are always going to be people who will not be able to get their hands on it.

Some of you were unhappy with the way that we ran things and chose to make your opinions known online. This comes with the territory of social media, and believe me when I say that we are in fact very open to constructive criticism and ideas to make our business better. However, this collectible card game release is clearly a hot-button issue in which some emotions are running high, and I feel that we deserve a chance to explain our mindset and counter what I feel are, to understate it, some very unfair sentiments.

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