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Modern Masters



Modern Masters gets released in about a week! It’s hard to believe that the set is really coming out and it seems like it’s going to live up to most of its hype. For those of you who have been hitting the arcade after school instead of checking the internet, this is Modern Masters:

Modern Masters Product Info

and for the more Nosey Goblins, this is a list of cards that have been spoiled so far:

Modern Masters Spoiler

Today I’m going to share some sweet Modern decks with you so you can get a feel for the format.
We’ll start out at level 1. The following decks are the “best” decks in the format. They are Jund variations, Scapeshift, and Birthing Pod. All of these decks attack at very different angles and make up for a very healthy format. The first list I’m going to share with you is a traditional Jund deck that recently won a Premier event on Magic Online.

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Slaying, Summer and Spirits (but not in that order)


Welcome back to another session of Rulehammer’s corner. Today, and in no specific order we have some items to throw to go over. So you, the reading public can be very informed and walk away feeling, oh so knowledgeable.

First off, its summer, and what does that mean ? Aside from sweating and sunburns. It also means, Saturday Comic Book Store cookouts are back !! Starting this coming June 15th, we are having our first of hopefully a few this summer, cook outs.

Always hosted in summer by the store and the Warhammer, war gaming crew. Will be main foods you’d see at a cookout, sides, drinks, all the comforts of home. It begins roughly near when the store opens, though its not really underway until around, 1 or 2, as food does take time to grill still.

If you are a random interested guest, just swing in. If your someone who wants to stay for awhile, bring some food stuff to throw into the mix. If your curious of what to bring, you can ask Alex or myself. Though I am sure what to bring to a bar b q isn’t all that hard to imagine. It will be going all day and into the evening as per the usual.

What goes along with much food ? Well a warhammer 40k apocalypse game as well. We always host one, a free, sort of loose but epic large battle as we cook and eat and carry on. Feel free to show up and partake its  open to all bring your army, bring a list of 1,000 and 2,000 points, so we can fit you in somewhere.

So that gets the summer and slaying down, no to the spirits. By spirits I mean spirit stones, which means Eldar. Which, are coming out this coming Saturday. June 1st. New codex, new Giant man beast called a WraithKnight, new exciting flyer and some plastic multi part wraithguard. Check out the pictures online and pick them up in store, so new out this next weekend, Eldar, just as predicted.

I’d say you heard it here first, but I bet you saw it elsewhere as well.

So there we go, another week, another batch of news. Stay tuned for further details, of tournaments, events and just random information. Next week I hope to talk of some Star Wars X wing, so be here, and roll them sixes soldier.

Big Kev aka Rulehammer

Memorial Day and Things to Remember


Welcome there fellow fighters of the good fight and welcome to another week of WarHammer thoughts.

First thing I would like to say is Eldar is on the horizon, white dwarf images have been seen of at least the wraithknight ( yes thats the exact name ) floating around for a few days now online. So take a look, and see you can find them. That known, this coming weekend will be the release of the new white dwarf as well as most likely the pre order date for the New Eldar Codex and models. If Eldar are your thing, please, let us know as soon as you see the pre order items and want to be sure they are in stock here at the store. As its sizing up to a Eldar in the first of june.

Second item to bring up, we are nearing the dawn of our usual cook outs at the store. Hosted by the warhammer community and of course, the store itself. We will have a new grill up and running this year and the same wild apoc action for those days. Keep yourself glued online here and in the store for further details.

As we come to this memorial day, all of us, should take time to say thank you to those we know who served. Remember those we may have lost in duty to the country over the years. We owe alot to these men and women and while you have your cook outs fight your wargamers, remember those who pay the ultimate price for our freedoms we enjoy.

The Comic Book Store thanks you, the Warhammer community there thanks you, and I personally, thank you and any who may read this article.

Have a happy Memorial Day my wargaming friends and keep those sixes hot !!

Big Kev aka Rulehammer

You’re Giving Away Information


It’s turn 10, your opponent is at 4 life and you’re at 3 life. He’s playing a BR deck that has a few burn spells in it and you’re playing Red Deck Wins. You both have quite a bit of lands in play and you have 2 cards in your hand ( Searing Spear , Land) and your opponent has 3 mystery cards in his hand. He draws for the turn, and slams down a Swamp saying “I can’t believe I drew another land, this is insane, all I need is seriously just one searing spear and you’re so totally dead”. We draw for our turn, and we get a Pillar of Flame. Ding! We just won the game. Our opponent flips his hand on to the table and reveals 3 lands. They say that there was no point in playing them because it’s better just to “bluff” with those cards. This person obviously has no idea what the meaning of bluffing is. Today I’m going to tell you about some tells you’re giving your opponent and about some tells they’re giving to you.

Every single Magic player has their own tells. If you can find them, you can figure out what cards they have drawn so far in the game, and use this information to push the game into your favor. My personal favorite tell is the above situation, but I also love when my opponent miracles a card then ops. not to play it. When playing a game of Magic most players are pretty oblivious to what their opponent is doing. Yeah, maybe you pay attention to them when they’re shuffling or when they’re obnoxiously flicking their cards(there is a reason for doing this), but are you paying attention to the fact that they are sorting their hand with their different spells when they’re thinking of what to play? When most players look at their hand to figure out what spells they want to play they pull those cards together. By watching our opponent move those cards around in their hand you can figure out how many relevant spells or lands they actually have left and play accordingly. The worst thing you can do while playing a game is get too emotional and start to shout things out. Everyone gets a bit tilted when they draw their 6th land in a row, but there’s no reason we should give our opponent the information that were drawing dead. For all we know they could think we’re sitting on a hand full of removal spells and they could play quite differently. The best way to deal with the dreaded mana screw in is to calmly draw our card, put a hand on our head, and start to sell that we’ve drawn a spell. We should ask our opponent a few questions like: How many cards are in your hand? What’s your life at? Did you play a land last turn? We can even take this questioning on to the next level. If they did play a land on the last turn you could make a joke saying “Wow, you sure did draw a lot of lands this game” and see how they react. They might just spill the beans at that exact moment and let you know that they’re holding just as many lands as you are. These are just some of the advantages you can get by just talking with your opponent and keeping your cool.


Why do players flick their cards? Somehow players have stolen this habit from each other and don’t even know why they do it. It’s a good and bad habit to have. The purpose of flicking your cards and moving them around is to hide information. You don’t want to let your opponent know what you drew for the turn. You want to hide as much as possible from them and know as much as possible from them. You don’t however want to take an extra 10 minutes a match flicking your cards. I’ve seen players draw their card for the turn and immediately starting moving their hand around which is a good habit. But then keep doing it, over, and over. The turn doesn’t start for them because they’re too busy playing with their hands and have to reread what cards are in their hand every 5 seconds. A good way to get out of this habit is to draw your cards and move them around, but then immediately put your hand down and examine what is happening on the current board. After you pick up your hand, you should then think about what you need to do next to evolve the board state into your favor. It may sound a bit silly but if you get into this habit you’ll save a lot of time during your match.

Next time you are playing against someone, look up from the table every once in awhile. If you watch their body language, and their hand, you can most likely find a lot of hidden information that they’re practically giving away. And make sure you aren’t giving away any unnecessary information, try to stay calm and collected through the whole match even if you’re having mana problems. Happy bluffing!


The Tournament of Champions and A Call to Arms


Greetings and slow mutations everyone. This weekend we had a quite surprising end to the doubles tournament, which I know you knew about. It seemed to be a dawn for the horde army, which made many of the games a tad slower then usual. Perhaps somewhat of a hearken to last doubles where the  winners were two relative horde armies ( Imperial Guard ). In any case, there were many solid builds and most of the day was really anyone’s game, with old pros falling out early and fresh faces just making the scene for the first time.

This tournament’s winners were: Steve and Drew playing dual Tau. I did say this book would be one to watch. Coming in just behind was Paul and the King bringing Necrons and Space Wolves. Wrangling in third was Justin and Brandon with Necrons and Orks.

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Magic Online: the Do’s and Don’ts


By Kevin Michael

So you’re a semi-decent magic player. You manage to prize out at your local shop (The Comic Book Store) pretty consistently and you’d like to think you got the hang of the game pretty well. But, being that you love this game like crack, you want to get better at it. You want more then consistent finishes at the store, maybe you want to win a big tournament like an Open, a PTQ, or maybe with a little luck a Grand Prix. So you turn to the tool that “helped” everyone else you know get better at the game, Magic Online. Magic Online can improve your game quite a lot, but it’s an incredibly dangerous tool. Today I’m going to tell you a few things to keep in mind when starting out on Magic Online.

When starting out on Magic Online, DON’T play single elimination drafts. They’re incredibly addictive and it’s extremely hard to stay ahead in them. I’d like to think I’m a decent drafter and my win percentage has to be lower than 40%. If you honestly want to improve your limited game and want to utilize Magic Online, play the swiss tournaments. This allows you to play every round whether you win or lose, and you won’t feel nearly as bad when the Magic Gods decide to take a dump on you and give you 3 lands in 2 games. Playing swiss also let’s you figure out some different strategies. For example, I figured out you could draft a pretty awesome Mono Red deck in M13 draft. From playing so many swiss drafts I figured out what cards were the most important to have in my deck, so I would be able to jump into the deck if I was passed the right signals. If you’re hell bent on drafting and you can’t take another 3 hour swiss draft, you should strictly play 8-4s. A lot of players are scared of them because if you don’t make it to at least the final round, you don’t get any prize at all. These are the players that swear by 4-3-2-2 drafting. 4-3-2-2 drafts are actually a rip off. It’s the same cost to play the draft(2 event tickets, 3 packs) but one less pack in the prize pool. Don’t play them, they’re a waste of time and money.

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How to Build a Magic Deck


We’ve all been there. You’re at work, school, the zoo, and you’re thinking about your next greatest creation ever. If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated your fair share of random papers with different card’s names scribbled next to each other with various numbers next to them. Once you’ve wasted a full 20 minutes brainstorming your masterpiece you take it home, and sleeve it up, and find that it is the worst deck you’ve ever built and you want to throw it against the wall. So you do what any Magic player does in this situation, you forget about it and build your next greatest creation ever. Today’s article may seem like a very basic thing but it’s an incredibly important skill to develop if you want to take your game to the next level. I’m going to give a few tips on how to make a deck list, build a sideboard, and salvage a deck list. Continue reading

Friendship is War!!

Nice to see you all back again. As you may have guessed from the headline, I am discussing friendship this week. Don’t worry, that won’t be all of it. I bring up the importance of comrades because, as most any who read this should know, we have the doubles tournament this weekend, Saturday May 11th. Store opening time should be at 12, with tournament starting at 1, try to be prompt. Continue reading

Summer Deals and the Power of an Army on the March

Greetings once more my war game playing comrades. It is another week and another article. As in the title, we’re going to talk about Summer Deals, the first of which being the Free Comic Book Day sale that is rapidly approaching on May 4th. We hope to see all of you at the store to take advantage of the discounts. Everything in store will be discounted, with Warhammer and supplies as well as board games being 25% off!!! Continue reading

Weekly Comic Reviews

Time to read some books!

The Superior Spider-Man #009
I haven’t really been enjoying superior much I’ll be honest, but this issue kicked ass. It was a huge gut punch, it did not go the direction I expected it to and that’s a good thing. I hope that they continue with this trend and make this book darker.

4.5 out of 5
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