A New Dawn for Man and Marine


  by Big Kev aka the Rulehammer

Hello there fellow war gamers. This week’s article will be somewhat short and sweet. First off, we head into the end of Summer and towards the dawn of Fall. This means many things: Fall colors, the end of humidity thick as a sponge, and of course, hurricane season. It also heralds, this coming month, a new Space Marines release for Warhammer 40k.

Now, this is a big army. If you play Warhammer (or even if you don’t), you’ve heard of them. Some of us have even had our pictures taken with them (Gamesday inside joke.) So, I’ll wet your whistle with a few rumors I’ve heard.

The first rumor is that there will be seven limited edition collector’s covers of the Codex, with the first six being the founding chapters and the seventh being the Black Templars. Pretty neat!

Next, many Marine chapters will have a section in the book with rules as chapter traits and perhaps variations to army set-up. Also exciting news. Additionally, there may be a new weapon category called “grav weapons”, which use your high armor rating to hurt you. Not sure of the exact specifics of this, but it is exciting.

There’s a new unit type which includes power armor mounts for close combat and/or ranged weapons, as well as new plastic kits for both Sternguard and Vanguard veterans. There will be a new Tactical Marine box in plastic with some of those aforementioned grav weapons inside. I’d advise you Space Marine players to stock up now, as the new kit, while flashy and neat, will most likely be more expensive with fewer models but more options. So if you need troops, pick up some Tactical squad boxes today at The Comic Book Store.

Another addition I’m excited for are the plastic kits for characters; Captain, Chaplain, and Librarian. I don’t know much about these. I’m hoping they will be very neat like the current commander box, but they may be more like the plastic single sprues we’ve seen recently. Either way they will be in plastic and will most likely give some weapon variety. At the very least, they will be new models for those who collect different characters (which I know I do.)

Well, those are some some (but not all) of the exciting rumors I’ve heard. Just as a reminder, this release is supposed to be out in September. However, please keep in mind that these are just the most credible sounding rumors that I’ve heard. It is possible that some of them may be inaccurate or flat-out wrong. I’ll drop word here when I know for sure. So get excited Marines! Your time is once more at hand!   Hope to see you all on the battlefield, soldiers. Let me see those sixes.


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