As The Dust Settles



Hello there generals of future of conflict. Well, I am happy to say we have wrapped up another great in store 40k tournament. I offer the best to all those that attended and of course, placed. Coming in 4th was Steve U, 3rd was Andy ( His first time placing so highly, so a special note here ) 2nd was Steve B ( Gloves ) and coming in first, was the Justin, the King. Be sure and give a pat on the back to all of our winners with our slightly reworked tournament rules.

For changes in the next one we are changing the secondary objective points just once more. With first blood being worth 1, Slay the Warlord being worth 2 and Line breaker being worth 2.

Our next tournament being doubles, 1000 pt per player, 2 players per team. You have up to 100 pts you can swap out to a partner. ( So for instance, one player can have1100, and the other 900 for example. )

Each game will be 2 and a half hours. With food break at the end of second game. 3 games will be taken through the course of the tournament.

It will take place October 19th. We will be aiming for 12 noon start for this one, so earlier then usual for our regulars, store will most likely then open at 11, 11 30. If any changes occur, stay tuned to the stores face book and in store flyers.

The game types will be,

Big guns never tire, 4 objectives ( Using our objective deployment method )
Deployment, Dawn of War

2nd game will be,

The emperors will
Deployment, Hammer and Anvil

3rd and final game

Crusade 4 objectives
Deployment, Vanguard Strike

So there you have it, get those lists rolling folks. Hope to see you there.

As there is an exceptional amount to get out there, I’ll also say, the Wave 3 X wing models are in and on the shelves, so swing in to today, to augment your X wing forces with excellent new support models. I will also say, 28th of September, we’ll have a whole lot of X wing going on. To celebrate the wave 3 release.

So come in and check it out, I’ll be happy to help out anyone who wants to try and learn the game mechanics they are fun and easy to pick up, hard perhaps to fully master, fun each step of the way though I promise you.

So until next time, keep them sixes strong my friends.

Big Kev aka the Rulehammer

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