Some Inside News


Good day to you all, fellow patriots of war games. I hope you all enjoyed some generous savings in the last weekend’s sale. I hope perhaps some went into making your lists perfect for the double’s tournament on October 19th. If you didn’t, I hope you at least got some things you’ve dearly needed, as I did as well.

So, we near the end of the year, which means we have a whole new year soon approaching to enjoy. In that spirit, I’ve got some information on new Warhammer Releases.

With December being the release of the Next Hobbit movie, its a good bet it’ll also see the release of the next wave of Hobbit minis, for any looking forward to that. I’m hearing November will be month two of the dark elf release for Warhammer Fantasy.

Past that, I have, as best I’ve heard, a list for releases for the first 5 months of the new year. So feast on it, take it close, and hopefully this will please most of you out there that are desperate for news.

Jan- Tyranids “Nid New Year”

Feb- unsure, will fill that in when I know.

March- Dwarfs, I’m fairly happy, as the army is older then dirt and I just happen to play them, so good news there.

April- Imperial Guard, because who else will be fighting back the nids, let’s be honest.

May- Wood elves

So there we go. I hope that feeds you people for a spell. Glad I could toss all of this out there. Now hold in mind, this is just rumors, it could change or be entirely false, but I am hearing this from reliable sources (as reliable as rumors can be anyways).

So keep your sixes strong comrades !!

Big Kev aka The Rulehammer

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