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Greetings everyone, all of my war gaming allies and arch enemies of course. We push ever closer to the end of the year. Last weekend saw us with a new and returning champion. The king of the Castle ( Justin ) finishing in first place in our most recent singles.

All ran smooth and well oiled, like a machine should. It was a very friendly affair, hosting friends new and old. With many a varied list, some chaos space marines, imperial guard, demons and a helping of allies with a small smattering of flyers, which seems to have lessened in the meta as of late.

As we head down this road, we are looking at a couple months without significant Wathammer 40k releases. However that can be a good thing as you build up on current forces and await this coming years releases such as, with any hope and truth to rumor, Tyranids, Imperial Guard and Orks, to name a few.

I can imagine the Tyranid release will be a big one, with lots of wanton Nid players about, just salivating for a new book and new units as well as models for but a scant few missing ones.

For any of you who know me, you know release I’m waiting for, that would be the new Imperial Guard. My own army list for them is rather exhaustive, and that leaves just new releases to fire me up. I am hoping on a big and very scary tank with which to shatter enemy troop formations. So I’d suggest any still needing to purchase any, please see to it now, in the null time between new books. As to build up such a force, takes time and patience and most key units, won’t change too much to not begin collecting sooner rather then later.

As well, I might suggest as Star Trek Attack Wing is relatively new, to look into such for some capital ship fun and action. I can say in store we do have a rather nice selection of ships currently. As well as a growing player base. Saturday being a good time to swing in and learn the ropes, should you wish to, beginners are always welcome at the Comic Book Store !

Now for a touch of perhaps, sadder news, following closely by good. The Star Wars X wing expansion Imperial Aces has been delayed to quarter 1 of 2014. Which means, no release for the holiday season, however its still on the way and by Christmas we should be sitting on a hot wave 1 re stock consisting of Y wing, X wing , Tie fighter and Tie advanced. Which is almost as good for most players.

As details, rumors and news presents itself around the war game world, I’ll be sure and let you all know here first and foremost.

This is a rather long Article but I saved best for last. Our next Tournament will be a Doubles, December 14. Our more standard 2 hour 30 minute rounds, 3 matches with lunch after our 2nd match. Aiming for a 1 pm start time, with sing ups beginning at 12. Using our standard deployments and objective placement.

1000 pts per player, up to 100 pts can be given to a team mate. Force organization will be 1 HQ and ! Troop as what you need. Army special rules and war gear items will only be useable by the players force who took them. You can’t place allied characters in a team mates unit, or board their transports, etc. As well any unique characters or war gear items that can only be one in the army, still applies in this for the purposes of your two player team. So no two same named characters, or Standards of Devastation, for example,

So for what you all might wish to know, the game details.

Game One, Crusade, 4 objectives Deployment Dawn of War.

Game two, Big Guns never tire 4 objectives. Deployment Hammer and Anvil.

Game three, Emperors Will, Deployment Vanguard Strike.

So a very large article, much to read, Drink it in, bask in it and keep those sixes running wild.

Big Kev aka Rulehammer

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