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Hello there again my friends. Today, as the title says. We have some information and thoughts on them from the world of Warhammer.

First up, I hear whispers through the vines, there will be a game expansions for in game fortifications for Warhammer 40k. If you all remember, this is a new concept from this creation of the game. Bringing your own defensive terrain with you. I’m of the mind, this was a good change from the last rule book. As I always wondered why my army wouldn’t place down some defensive terrain prior to a battle.

I think defending areas and holding down terrain, is very primal an image, well rooted in war wether real or in game. Just makes you feel good, however, some generals through time believed that defensive works, breeds cowards. I think we know better though don’t we ? It breeds survivors.

I imagine we will see from it rules for all the released new terrain pieces, perhaps some updated and with perhaps a few new releases ? We can only hope.

For the second expansion, we have a game type that will allow specific super heavies in the force org. I’m of mixed mind on this one. In one aspect, haven’t we all wished to roll out a baneblade in a game on your opponent ? On the other, aren’t they a little too big for the standard battlefield ? I suppose, we will see. As well perhaps a mysterious new model or two released with it ? Exciting idea isn’t it ?

Release for those, and if they are really happening, only time will tell, so stay tuned.

Last but not least, I hear as well, finecast is going the way of the dodo. That being, extinct, gotten rid of. Apparently they are not pleased with how its been received and how it ended up. Alas poor finecast we knew ye well, fair travels.

What they will be doing as a stop gap till all the characters are plastic ? We will see.

Remember, as these are all rumors, take none as granted and gospel fact. Time will show what is true, what is not, and how much they trickle down. So keep your eyes open and ears to the ground. Stay strong, with your sizes ?

Big Kev aka Rulehammer

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